Saturday Morning Update

1/21/23 Saturday 8 am

Yesterday’s storm was small and unpredictable, especially in the higher elevations. I went back and looked at the surface maps from yesterday, I believe there were errors calculating where the low pressure actually tracked.

The snow shut down right before it was supposed to be at its heaviest. I got several reports of 2-3 inches. Purgatory somehow only got an inch, Telluride ended up with 3 inches, and Wolf Creek pretty much ate the rest of the storm with 10 inches over the last 24 hours. Another small storm is headed this way, it should arrive late Sunday/early Monday. It is going to be equally difficult to forecast. The models are all different at this point. Some are showing a little, and others are showing quite a bit.

Hopefully, they will give me more to work with by tomorrow!

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