A Wet And Wild Weekend Is Coming

3/8/23 Wednesday 7 am

We are going to get a lot of beneficial precipitation this weekend. The snowpack is going to get another great boost, to add to above-average totals already. It is not going to be pretty in the lower and mid-elevations, it is going to be wet and sloppy.

The snow levels are going to be the biggest challenge this weekend. I think they will vary between 8,000 feet and 8,700 feet until late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. If you are below that elevation there is a good chance you will get all rain, if you are close to 8,000 you may see some wet melting snowfall during the heavier showers. Travel over the passes will be affected with temperatures ranging between 22-28 degrees (f) at and above 10,000 feet.

Here is a preliminary look at liquid precipitation totals from Friday until early Monday morning.  I would question the locations of the bullseye on the GFS and Canadian models at this point.



Euro–the spread of precipitation looks slightly more feasible, but I don’t know how accurate it will be.


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