Tuesday Morning Update-A Messy Weekend Is On The Way!

3/7/23 Tuesday 7:45 am

There still is not a lot of weather to talk about in our neck of the woods as the storm track, while active, remains north of our area. Another impulse will feed through the system delivering snow to the northern portions of Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming over the coming days. Speaking of Utah, did you know that Alta will take a run at its  3rd snowiest ski season in history this year? With 6 weeks to go, they are already tied for 5th snowiest in history.

On Thursday a wet warm AR event will begin in California which will deliver FEET of rain and snow throughout the entire state. By Friday models indicate that some leftovers will start to move into Colorado. The models agree on the storm track dragging this mess straight over our forecast area. They disagree on how long it will stick around. The European and Canadian models show it lasting until late Saturday night, but the GFS model shows an additional push of moisture on Sunday.

This is not going to be a “fun” AR event, it’s going to be messy. It looks like it will be a mostly rain event for the lower elevations, with rain, snow, and freezing rain and/or ice below 8,400 feet. I do not expect this to be a huge precipitation producer. These are just the leftovers that will get wrung out like a dirty sponge right over our forecast area.  This is not part of the long-term pattern change which should hit us mid to late NEXT week (around mid-month).

There is not a lot of change to the extended model runs. They basically look the same as they did when I posted them on Sunday. March 10th through April 20th continue to look like there will be above-average precipitation with below-average temperatures.

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