Sunday Morning Update

3/26/23 Sunday 8:15 am

Snow showers will develop (again) later today. The main impacts will be in the higher elevation areas. Friday’s round of snow showers proved to be slightly more impactful in the mid-elevations than I expected, so I can’t rule out that happening again. I think 3-5 inches are a good bet for the higher elevations by the time the snow ends on Monday.

Then something is going to happen that I have not talked about in a while, a warm-up. Temperatures on Tuesday and Wednesday will approach slightly below to near normal readings for this time of year. Unfortunately, with the other thing that goes along with that is an increase in the pressure gradient. That means it is going to get windy. It happens every year, I know no one likes it, but it is just part of living here.

The winds will subside as the next storm system rolls in late Thursday/Friday. The models are still not in great agreement regarding totals. It may be a couple of days before that happens. At the moment it looks like we get another short break over the weekend, then there is a good chance we will get a couple of more storms next week.

One of the questions I get asked a lot these days is when is all of this going to end, when is spring going to get here and stay? It may feel like spring Tuesday and Wednesday but winter will return after that. If you are wondering the same thing, I am going to do a more detailed long-term outlook on Tuesday when I get the new extended model runs so tune in for that.

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One thought on “Sunday Morning Update

  1. Mike Smedley

    The question: “when is all of this going to end?” I forget who said it, but this pretty much sums things up nicely: “No winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turn.”

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