I need a new hot water heater. I was pretty surprised by my first high quote from a relatively new, tremendously successful, based initially out of ABQ firm that has set up shop in DGO. It seemed very high, which I did not expect. I have reached out to a number of folks to get a referral. I don’t have that warm and fuzzy feeling yet. I don’t want a discount, I want a reasonable replacement cost, not to be taken advantage of. I also don’t want the “I know a guy” type, went thru that.

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3 thoughts on “Recommendations

  1. Richard Jacobs

    Marcos Plumbing did not provide value experience replacing my water heater. That being said, need to know capacity of replacement which will affect pricing.
    Have used, and recommended, Anthony of AE Plumbing, to several neighbors here in North Valley. Contact info provided upon request. Lived up here (2 miles south of Purg) 17 years & am aware of difficulty of finding reliable service people.

  2. Karen Carver

    Give RotoRooter a try. I have been really pleased with their products and service. They do more than just clogs!

  3. Dave Tucker

    Buy the type you need at Home Depot, and they can recommend one of the people that they use to install it

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