Friday Extended Outlook

6/2/23 Friday 7:10 am

Thanks for all of the feedback yesterday. Showers started off encouraging but dwindled in many areas early. They reformed across the north and a few other locations. You have to remember that June is the driest month of the year when you judge the amount of rain you receive. You can’t judge it the same as you do other months out of the year.

For today it looks like showers will be a little more spotty, but according to the models, tomorrow shows a little more promise for showers to develop throughout the forecast area.

It’s Friday, as promised here are the latest extended model runs. Essentially nothing has changed, they show above-average precipitation from now through July 4th ish.

European departure from normal (above average) through July 4th

GFS departure from average (above normal) through July 5th

Canadian departure from average (above normal) through July 3rd

Keep the reports coming and I will update again Saturday morning.

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