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Clouds will increase as a cold potent storm heads our way. In areas that it is already snowing, there may be a few lulls between now and this afternoon, but the real action should start this evening. There will a very nice addition to the totals of 13 inches that have fallen at Purgatory and Telluride since Saturday and the 16 inches at Wolf Creek. Last I checked Wolf Creek the wind was blowing in the 30’s already at Wolf Creek I can only imagine what it will be like in the morning.

This storm is going have a much colder core and be a very efficient snowmaking machine. Whereas the last storm’s temperatures at 700mb were around 30 degrees this storm they are going to average about 10 degrees.  What that means is snow to liquid ratios will range from 12-19 to 1 depending on elevation. Any snow that falls in town between 5 pm and 5 am will average about 12-1. Tomorrow, after 5 am ratios, will average 15-1 or higher. For most higher elevations that 15-1 starts around midnight tonight. If you are new to this party that means for every 1 inch of liquid precipitation 15 inches of snow will fall.

At the moment here is what the projected liquid totals look like between now and Thursday morning.



Here is a zoomed-in version of that.

zoomliquid liquid

I will try to narrow these down this afternoon but just to give you a ballpark idea I am expecting 3-5 inches in town Durango, Bayfield Cortez and Ignacio.

DWests, Mancos, Rafter, Forest Lakes, Edgemont, Falls Creek 5-10″

Vallecito, Telluride, Purgatory 8-15″

As I said I will refine these this afternoon but I am pressed for time right now.

Stay tuned!


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