It’s Almost Here, New Advisory At Noon

8 am

As you can see below the front is progressing east.


The morning HiRes WRF run did a nice job verifying this morning, here is what it has for simulated radar for 9am. Rain is green, snow is blue, yellow to orange are strong areas of convection with elevated thunderstorm potential.


Areas that favor NW flow will do best with this storm here is the simulated radar for noon.


Here is 2 pm


4 pm


6 pm


We have likely hit our high temperatures in most areas to the west of Durango. Temps drop and winds increase dramatically through the frontal passage. A wind advisory goes into effect at noon expect gusts up to 50 mph. Those of you who may have sensitive plants outside, we will be expecting temps in the mid to low 20’s overnight. I would appreciate any reports as the system comes in. I will update if I see something different than expected from the other morning model runs.


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4 thoughts on “It’s Almost Here, New Advisory At Noon

  1. Mary Ann Findley

    We are trying to travel from Cortez to Durango. Cars are off the road, one on its side. Visibility is terrible. Several inches of snow!

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