Countdown To Christmas Storm Begins

And I should add Boring Weather Watch. There is a strong possibility of no precipitation for about a week. Temperatures will eventually rise to slightly above normal by the middle of the week. With no weather to talk about for the next week, every forecaster’s eyes in Colorado are going to be glued to the only thing they do have to talk about, the potential for a Winter Storm between 12/23-12/27. The models already see it, they are going to Roller Coaster like crazy between now and then. We will get model runs with a lot of snow, model runs with no snow, model runs with rain and snow mix and model runs with all snow.

So I will take the opportunity to post this typically over-ambitious GFS run and get it over with. Its kinda like ripping off a bandaid, just do it fast and get over with.


That’s better.

Starting tomorrow I will start posting more model runs so you watch the evolution of this. Then later in the week, I will start talking about timing and storm track.

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