Last Year Versus This Year

Last January the storm train stopped for 15 days from January 22nd-February 6th. This year we have not had a major (double-digit snowfall) storm hit elevations below 8,200 feet.

There is another difference between last year and this year that you may not be aware of- according to my records, to date, Purgatory has had more snow this year than last year through the end of January, so has Telluride, so has Wolf Creek. Speaking of Wolf Creek, it is not even close this year they are about 3 feet deeper than last year at this time. I was impressed with Wolf Creek’s seasonal total until I saw that Alta, Utah has had 90″ more than Wolf Creek for the season.

The question regarding YTD Purg totals vs last year actually came from a follower. The answer surprised me and I thought it would surprise a lot of you.

Another question I got from a follower asked about the record fires in Australia. Rather than go off on a tangent about the Indian Ocean Dipole’s effect on the drought there, I did some research. Another surprise, it turns out the premise of the question was incorrect. As bad as the fires have been there, they have been much much worse.


Back to our weather, the models are trying to bring in what, at the moment, appears to be a small storm between Monday and Wednesday. The models are all over the place with this so I don’t have a lot of confidence in it yet.

As bad as the models are in the short term, they are even more split over the next 10-15 days. I may not post every day during this boring patch of weather, but I promise you I will be watching and when I see something to talk about I will be back.

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