Advisory Issued, Kiss Of Death?

Weather and Sports geeks have something in common. They believe in superstitions, and that their rituals will somehow affect their outcomes. Just as Tiger Woods wears red on Sundays, I joke about washing your car before a storm could lead to a bigger storm.

Along those same lines, there is the theory of “jinxing”. This is a little more tricky because it can apply to if you something, or if you don’t do something it could lead to negative results.  Is it just me, or does it seem like every time we get a low-end early issued Winter Weather Advisory it jinxes the storm?

Here was the Euro yesterday before the WWA for areas above 8,000′ was issued.


Yesterday afternoon we did get a WWA issued

Here is the Euro now


Before I get a bunch of comments about this, I hope you know I am not being completely serious about this. Tomorrow morning I will bring everybody up to speed on the latest developments, hopefully there will be some!

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