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Moisture Laden Storm Still Headed Our Way!

A slight warm-up over the next couple of days before we start feeling the early impacts sometime on Wednesday from another nice wet storm! With most of our area in D1 drought conditions and a slight portion in D2 drought conditions, this is good news!

Time to jump into the various models’ runs, highlighting the last two most recent from each, oldest to newest. I am going to focus on total precipitation for the next couple of days, I will address winter driving conditions on Tuesday.

So this is “first drops” to the “last drop”, starting Wednesday. Again I am focusing on liquid and liquid-equivalent only for now. Just know that this storm may be slightly colder than the last.

The last two Euro runs












What an interesting output from that last Canadian run! Overall, I see consistency, consistency in timing, and total accumulation. Consistency is our friend!

I will, of course, be tracking this storm daily. But I also plan to provide some additional content, I have a number of weather topics I would like to introduce this week. They are not too geeky or difficult to understand, but they are terms I throw around often, without bothering to take enough time to explain. I look forward to that and I hope you do as well!

Thanks so much for following and continuing to supporting the site! Next Updates on Monday!

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  1. KT Howard

    I’ll take any moisture we can get..but too bad the ski areas won’t be available to enjoy the snow. Boo-hoo. Guess I’d better wax up my XC skis.

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