Weekend Outlook

It’s wet out there and it’s just what we have been waiting for.  Most areas either got some rain during the day yesterday or last night. I got reports of close to an inch in a few areas mostly north of town.

Today is a great example of what the Monsoon looks like. When the dew point is so high it limits the overnight cooling. This morning driving into town the temperature was 56 and the dewpoint was 56. That’s what causes the misty air–it is 100% saturated.

Today is another example of how the clouds will limit severe storm development to a certain extent. Showers will be scattered throughout the day and should increase this afternoon and evening. This air is moisture packed, but a secondary push of even more moist air will arrive just before this evening and could lead to heavy rain again in some areas. I would be very surprised if we make it through the weekend without flash flood warnings.

Saturday looks wetter than today as the reinforcing shot of moist air continues to stream in through the night and tomorrow morning. Sunday at the moment looks slightly drier, but I think it is too early to rule out more activity.

Next update on Saturday. Enjoy the moisture!

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