Tuesday Late Afternoon Update

Snow has been accumulating at Red Mountain Pass, Molas Pass and Telluride, especially above 9,500 feet. Snow is just getting going at Wolf Creek Pass where things will go down hill quickly this evening, especially overnight and tomorrow. 1 to 2 feet still looks possible on Wolf Creek Pass.

Temperature guidance is tricky. The models failed on high temps today after failing at low temperatures this morning. If you are worried take precautions because I don’t trust the models’ temperate forecasts.

The NWS hinted at snow levels briefly down to 7,500 feet by tomorrow morning. It would not surprise me, we’ll see.

Tomorrow should start off wet and unsettled and we will see what happens from there. I don’t like to post a lot of follow up model runs after the storm arrives unless they go off the rails in one direction or another. The latest GFS is still going crazy with future precipitation. The NAM model moved back east with the heaviest precipitation. I think areas west of Bayfield will do fine, but it does look like the heaviest precipitation will fall in Archuleta County and Mineral County.

This storm is just in the beginning stages don’t worry about the lulls, more is on the way!

Thanks for following and supporting the page and thanks for all of the great reports.

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