Wednesday Morning Update-It’s All About The Low

It’s always difficult to predict the positioning of where a low pressure system will cut off (stall). Yesterday, after the initial push of several waves off precipitation, the system moved into an area where it actually drew dry air in and cut off precipitation from many of us in the forecast area.

The initial waves were great, but as I saw some late model runs I knew there was at least a possibility of the dry air wrapping in. In my last update I said not to worry about lulls in the precipitation.

The low is moving south again and looks like it will retrograde a little west as well. This path would put us right back in a favorable position for another 24 hours of unsettled weather.

Here is the approximate low position. The moisture wraps in counter clockwise around the low.

Here it is at noon.You can see it has moved south and retrograded to the west slightly

Here it is at 6 pm.

By Thursday morning it is finally starting to move north.

The NWS likes this scenario, and has cancelled many of the the advisories and warnings for some of the northern and central mountains.

The current warnings in our area are in place and the NWS is maintaining the storm totals, and calling for up to 4-8 inches of additional snowfall above 9,000 feet. The NWS in Pueblo is calling for 5-10 additional inches of snow over Wolf Creek Pass.

Thanks for all of the email reports. I can’t always respond to all of them but I read them all and it helps shape my analysis of the models and the overall storm. Thanks also for following, supporting and recommending the page. Next update later today.

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