A Beautiful Start

Published Friday 5/21 at 8 am

5 days left to enter the contest. The drawing will be Tuesday afternoon.  28 prizes are available in the contest, 9 of those are cash!  The Second Annual Contest Drawing Version 4 Updated 5/15/21

The rain started falling between 2 am and 3 am in most areas. Totals are impressive  in such a short time:

As of 6:45 am here are the latest precipitation totals. By the time you read this some of these areas will have considerably higher totals.

.25 inches across the 160 west corridor.

.30+ across the 160 east corridor

.40 inches in Durango

.45 south of the airport

.50+ across the North Valley

.25 -.50 around Telluride

.40+ inches in Ouray

The highest total I have found so far is in upper Edgemont Highlands .60

Snow is falling on Coal Bank, Molas, and Wolf Creek. Red Mountain was still raining at 7 am. I have gotten several reports of lighting and thunder already.

For the rest of the day, what you see is what you get. The Euro, which was perfect yesterday predicting this morning’s start time, shows precipitation picking up throughout the day. I have gotten several reports of lighting and thunder already, but the best chances of thunderstorms will be this afternoon. I will be monitoring this in case we get some heavier showers over the 416 burn scar.

Here is the Euro model in motion showing the rain and snow continuing throughout the day today.

The models diverge on Saturday. The Euro and the Canadian extend the precipitation throughout the day and evening on Saturday. The US models show very low chances of widespread precipitation on Saturday.  The models are demonstrating their biases. The US models are trying to move the base of the low pressure, currently east of Las Vegas, out of the area too quickly. The Euro and Canadian are taking their time with the progression of the low. I am going to give them 24 hours to figure that out. Enjoy the beautiful rain today!

Next update Saturday, thanks for following and participating in the contest.

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4 thoughts on “A Beautiful Start

  1. Frank Masiarz

    Have 0.75 inch of water here right now…intersection pf CR 228 and 502. Still coming down steadily…should easily surpass one inch soon.

  2. C Singleton

    Dutchman’s Hill (Cedar Hill NM) started sprinkling early but has been raining in earnest since about 7:15 (5 hours!). My Gauge shows .4in here so far, and still coming down steadily. Yay!

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