More Afternoon Pop-Up Storms

Published Friday 6/4 @ 8:45 am

Another chance of scattered thunderstorms developing this afternoon. The CAPE values are actually higher this afternoon than yesterday. Between 3 and 7 pm a number of locations will see values exceeding 2000. This could lead to more widespread storm cell development. The CAPE forecast parameter continues to be popular with followers. Remember, the higher the value over 500 the better chance for storm development. This does not necessarily mean widespread rain, sometimes the storms will just produce gusty outflow winds instead of rain. Generally the higher the elevation the better chance of rain. Cloud cover can inhibit storm development, so the longer the sun stays out, the better the chances of development.

Here are the maps, I am going to start at 3 pm because the values today will be elevated until 8 pm. CAPE will be high enough between noon and 3 pm for storms to form.

3 pm

4 pm

5 pm

6 pm

7 pm

8 pm

For now, Saturday looks like we will still have a chance of afternoon storms. However, the chances will be less than today. Next update Saturday morning, thanks for following and supporting the site.

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