Thursday Noon Update

12/23/21 Thursday 11:40 am

Snow has already started falling in some of the higher elevation locations. I sure hope CDOT gets all of the webcams on 160 and 550 back online before this storm gets cranking!

The latest model runs in most cases are continuing the trend of a cooler storm with lower snow levels in most of the models. My snow forecast will be out later this afternoon. The snow forecast is easy above 8,500 feet. Below that, it is very difficult. I will have to err on the conservative side and update that forecast in the morning.

Here are the latest model runs, little has changed. I still get asked questions about these maps after every post. The colors on the maps match up to the graphs next to, or under them. The numbers are in inches. The maps show the total amount in inches of liquid-equivalent precipitation that is forecasted to fall between now and Sunday evening. There was a request to show both the local and state view of the maps, so there are two maps for each model.

Canadian local view

Canadian Colorado view

GFS local view

GFS Colorado view

German local view

German Colorado view

Euro local view

Euro Colorado view

NOAA NBM local view


NOAA NBM Colorado view

NOAA WPC local view

NOAA WPC Colorado view

Just a reminder, I am showing the forecast totals through Sunday evening. The reason I do that is because many times the models will be correct on two storm totals as a whole, but they may overdo or underdo one of the two storms.

Another reminder, there is another storm coming in on Monday, but there may be a travel window Monday morning. If it does not stop snowing at Wolf Creek before Monday afternoon, it will likely continue until Thursday.

My preliminary snow forecast will be out by 4 pm. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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