The Calm Before The Storm

12/30/21 Thursday 8:4o am

The last 24 hours delivered an additional 5 inches of snow to Telluride. Purgatory received 6 inches, and Wolf Creek added 11 inches.

We will see another round of intermittent snow showers today. They will be scattered in coverage primarily in the mid and higher elevation locations. Snow will pick up and expand in coverage after 8 pm. This will continue overnight and throughout the day on Friday. The snow will become heavy throughout the afternoon and evening. The snow will move out sometime on Saturday, there are model discrepancies as to when that will actually happen. The Euro is showing some “leftovers” and keeps the snow falling in a few locations until late afternoon.

Overnight the major models I usually refer to came in slighter colder for the storm. Hopefully, this trend will continue. I will feel better about snow levels tomorrow morning after the closed circulation low-pressure area moves onshore in its pursuit to merge with the cold storm to our northwest. At the moment, it looks like the snow level will be 6,200 feet during the warmest time of day.

I will do a morning model update which will be out by 1 pm. I am working on the snow forecast. It will be out by 4 pm or shortly after.

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