First Look At Next Week’s (Pre-Birthday) Storm

1/29/22 Saturday 7 am

The storm that zipped through our area on Tuesday night is now raging off the coast of New England in the form of a Noreaster. Watching the coverage on the “Weather” channel it is tough not to be jealous. Oh well…

We have our own storm to track. The models agree on the timing, but that is it for now. The GFS and German models are paving the way for a relatively significant storm. The Euro and Canadian models show a less significant storm with low totals.

It seems like we went through this in December. The GFS would latch onto the higher totals early on and the Euro took longer to see that. Let’s hope that is the case with this storm.

All of the models agree snow will develop most likely some time on Tuesday afternoon. The GFS and German show snow through Thursday or later. The Euro wraps things up pretty quickly and has the system out of the area late Wednesday night.

While I am excited to see the higher totals from the GFS and German models I am not ready to jump on board that train yet. That being said, I think the Euro and Canadian are a little too stingy with their totals.

Here are the totals for liquid precipitation. Multiply by 10 for the snow totals at or below 6,500 feet. Multiply by 12 for snow totals at or above 8,000 feet.





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