Storm Recap And Snow Totals

3/8/22 Tuesday 1 pm

This storm was a good producer for most of the lower and mid-elevation areas. Although it wasn’t close to the biggest storm cycle for the higher elevations, it still boosted the snowpack, which is what we need this time of year.

This storm was also a reminder that despite the billions and billions of dollars spent on weather models around the world, they can still miss big at times. Fortunately, the lower elevations benefitted from the miss and received far greater amounts of snow than what was forecasted by the models.

Lastly, it reinforced my theory that it is better to base your forecast on the multi-day event versus 24 hours at a time. My experiment of forecasting 24 hours at a time failed. My forecast for the higher elevation areas for the multi-day event was pretty good.

Here was my forecast for the higher elevations followed by their totals.

Telluride, Silverton, Mayday: 12 to 16 inches–Telluride received 15 inches.

Purgatory, Rico: 15 to 20 inches–Purgatory ended up with 18 inches.

Wolf Creek: 18 to 24 inches–I was too low with Wolf Creek, they received 28 inches.

Here are the other totals that were sent to me this morning. Thanks for all of the reports!

Glacier Club 15.25″

Lake Purgatory 15″

CR 228@502 15″

North Vallecito 15″

Durango West II 14.5″

Forest Lakes 14″, 13.3″, 13 ”

Mancos-Silver Creek Ranch 13.5″

Enchanted Forest 13.5

Pine River Rances 13.2″

Durango Hills 13″

Horse Gulch 13″

CR228 near Tecolote 13″

O Bar O Cabins 12.5″

Deer Valley Estates 14″, 12″, 12″

Haviland Lake 12″

Rafter J 11″

Rockwood 11″

Mancos Valley 12″

3 mi East of Elmore’s Corner 10″

Trimble Crossing 10″

Mancos 9″, 3 mi south 10.5″

Celadon 9+”

Durango west of Needham 9″, highland ave 9.5″, near Manna 6.5″

Gem Village 8.5″

Cr 302 8.5″

Bayfield 8″, 8″, 8″

Falls Creek 8″

Ouray 5″, 4.75″

South of Marvel 4.5″

Dolores 3″

South Cortez 2.75″

Aztec 2″

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