Wednesday Morning Model Update

3/9/22 Wednesday 7:50 am

The models have agreed to disagree on a few aspects of this double-barrelled storm. That has been the case for the last few days. There is one thing that they agree on. They agree that the first part of the storm will deliver more snow to the northern portions of the forecast area than the southern portion of the forecast area. If the lower elevation areas are going to get some snow, it will be tomorrow.

A few scattered light snow showers are already occurring throughout the forecast area. With the exception of Telluride, the light snow that is falling is not related to the storm. Telluride already picked up an inch overnight and the snow should continue to pick up today.

The main disagreement among the models continues to revolve around the second piece of energy that will move through the area tomorrow.

Here are the latest model runs showing the total liquid-equivalent precipitation through Friday.





I put the German model up last because it makes more sense than the Euro from Purgatory to Silverton. That being said, the Euro may be planning on the second system being too weak to deliver the snow further north.

Hopefully, we catch a break with the morning models aligning better before I try to put together a forecast later today. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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