Rain More Rain And Then Some Rain

6/25/22 Saturday 7 am
A few sneaky showers developed yesterday. The models did a poor job of picking up on them. The dewpoints are slightly lower this morning to start the day but moisture will be on the increase as we approach the afternoon. Isolated showers will develop once again, it is difficult to predict exactly where.
Sunday will bring more widespread showers. The models are not in agreement with the start and stop times. Most of the models show showers continuing on Monday. The Euro is the outlier bringing showers to end by Monday morning. Based on that I put the maps in motion using the GFS model, it has been doing better with the afternoon showers lately and has been more consistent from run to run for the last day compared to the Euro. These are 3-hour increments starting at noon today and ending Tuesday at 6 am.
Here are the forecast amounts from the models during that same time period. There is good consistency in some areas and poor consistency in others. There is definitely an easterly bias for the heaviest precipitation.
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