Friday Morning Update

7/29/22 Friday 6:40 am
As expected, widespread showers and nice thunderstorms developed yesterday lasting well into the night. Expect a repeat performance today. If the sun makes an appearance early expect thunderstorms to develop more quickly. A quick look around at networked weather stations shows anywhere from 0.5o inches to nearly 2.00 inches of rain has fallen throughout the forecast area in the last 24 hours.
As a reminder, the radar in Grand Junction is still down. The radar soundings that you see on any particular app you are using are not showing accurate depictions of what is actually occurring throughout our forecast area. These images show what is happening very high up in the atmosphere.
They are being detected from Denver area radar with a little help from Pueblo and ABQ. Because the storms have been strong and the precipitation has been heavy the images have looked correct, but there are many gaps in what is actually happening. It is similar to looking at a sentence with most of the letters missing.
I will do another update this afternoon with a more detailed look at Saturday as well as conditions for the Telluride 100.
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