Tuesday Update–More Storms Coming Over The Next Week

11/29/22 Tuesday 10:00 am

Snow is winding down at Purgatory, Telluride, and Wolf Creek. We won’t have final totals for a while but I have reports from near Purgatory of 4 inches as of 8 am. 4 inches at Rico at 8 am and it looks like 6 inches on the snow stake at Telluride. Across the 550 passes, 4.5 inches fell at the snow slide south of Ouray. 5.5 inches  fell on Red Mountain, 6 inches fell at Molas and 6 inches fell on  Coal Bank.

My forecast leaned towards the lower end of the models’ outputs, so that was good.  I was in Durango during their brief dusting and about an inch fell at my house. Frankly, I am glad it is over. It was a high risk-low reward forecast.

Guess what, we get to do it all over again on Friday. Friday afternoon is going to be messy in the lower elevations. We may see mixed precipitation–rain/snow/sleet. It will no doubt be another high-risk-low-reward forecast. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for any precipitation we get.

Late Saturday or early Sunday a system is forecast to move up from New Mexico while another system is moving in from the west. Models are indicating between 0.50 and 2.0 inches of total liquid depending on location, with the highest amounts of snow falling at Wolf Creek.  It is too early to work out the details but something to keep in mind if you are traveling. It seems like the schools always have some type of trip planned which involves traveling over the passes during a Winter Storm this time of year. In fact, if someone wants to email me a schedule of events for sports travel for the winter it may help with a Winter Forecast for me. Just kidding, kind of…

I don’t have time today to do a full extended outlook but I did want to share this. After a slightly below-normal month of precipitation in November for many areas, I have some good news. Here is the December positive precipitation forecast anomaly for the forecast area.

Here is the amount of precipitation (above average) that is forecasted for the month of December.

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  1. Hal

    Always great information – thanks! If Telluride is showing .67 above avg for Dec, does that simply suggest that the snow forecast for Dec is 6.7” above avg (assuming 10:1 ratio)?

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