Wednesday Update

1/25/23 Wednesday 7 am

Everything went fine with the surgery, I needed a couple of days to rest and I got those Monday and Tuesday. There is not too much to talk about right now. A few snow showers are likely to develop over the higher terrain today, favoring the northern portions of the forecast area (550 passes and near Telluride).

Other than that, things look pretty boring until maybe Sunday. The only blip out there is the Canadian model which is trying to bring down another feature to the northern portions of the Forecast area Friday and Saturday. The primary story will be below-normal temperatures continuing over the next few days.

The models are struggling with what to do as we get ready to start next week. A number of solutions I have seen show a series of storms, but they seem to be following the path that takes them south… As I have said before, patterns tend to repeat themselves, so that would not be a huge surprise.

I will try to catch up on my emails today, thanks for your patience with that.

My next update will be on Friday. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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