Monday Update

Published at 1:15 pm Monday 4/26

The contest prizes were updated Saturday. Two cash prizes were added for a total of five.  Four gift cards/certificates were also added. I am going to be updating the prizes every Saturday as it appears more businesses are going to be participating.  Check out the details here:  The Second Annual Contest Drawing–New Prizes Added

The area of low pressure that will affect us tomorrow is part of a large longwave trough draped across the country. Here it is.

The models are doing a horrible job determining the storm track and precipitation amounts. They do agree on timing to an extent. Snow should break out in the higher elevations by tomorrow morning. Scattered showers should break out in the mid and lower elevations before noon. The models are hinting at some leftover convective activity stretching into Wednesday afternoon.

Here are the latest model runs for total precipitation. Snow will fall in the higher elevations but it should melt throughout the day. I usually don’t show this many model runs, but they are all so different I figured I would share them all.

Canadian model (the optimist)


National Weather Service blended model

Weather Prediction Center (WPC) blended model


European (the pessimist)

Hopefully, we will see a better model agreement by tomorrow morning. The models struggled most of the year, but historically, they are worse in the spring and fall.

My next Update will be out before 10 am Tuesday. Thanks for following and supporting the contest!

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  1. Frank Masiarz

    Snow on the ground…perhaps 0.5-inch….at intersection of CR 228 and 502; 7,750 feet elevation at 32 degrees

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